Welcome to Aria Group of companies. On behalf of the board of management we hope you will have an exciting and rewarding career in our organization. Our employees mean everything to us and we will ensure your well being and we promise to put your interests above everything else.  We welcome you to orientation session of this new organization. We hope you have had a wonderful and productive last session. The management of Aria Group of companies takes pleasure in welcoming all employees who have been recruited this year. This is the beginning of an important phase of your lives and we are honored and motivated about being there to guide and direct you to success.



Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is a Non- Governmental Company owned and operating by Afghans, registered with Ministry of Commerce Afghanistan and affiliated of Number of Local & International Prominent companies Under License Number Is 18879. Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is a global logistics & trading company providing integrated transportation solutions to a wide array of Customers, with offices nationwide and strategically located warehouse and distribution centers. Throughout Afghanistan Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C is well positioned to accommodate your needs. Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C reputation is founded on its people, whose knowledge, commitment and dedication are Inherent in our everyday business practices. Combining a flexible and efficient information System together with the qualities of our staff and the loyalty of our customers continues to be the Sample for our success.
Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C recognizes that our people are our greatest asset. Our foundation is based on the Integrity of our people, whose passion and commitment is to service our customers. For the best assignment we will be providing best quality international Experts with specialization in housing scheme addition its own materials Production, the firm extended its services gradually in the entire country. It is a matter of great honor for the group that always executed all its Projects within the target time and to the best satisfaction of its clients Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C has major role in national wide business and it is popular in Kabul City and other Cities of Afghanistan in Transportation, Construction field, Logistic, Security equipment & armored and Soft.Vehicles, general supply and Fast moving Consumer goods (FMCG) & Etc…
Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C has unique idea of serving the native with best economical and comfortable living meets international standard. Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C has skills research and idea of best living availability and society with the economical and comfortable price to accommodate all people in society. Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C promise to provide everything legal on may expect of a first class all Type of projects at an affordable price. Aria Armaghan Afghan General Trading L.L.C goal comprises to contribute the rehabilitation and socioeconomic Uplift of Afghanistan through the planning and under talking of economic agriculture and involvement of the projects.